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Problems corrected by contact lenses


If you’re new to contact lens wearing, read our Q & A and familiarize yourself with the basics of contacts. Still have questions? Contact our staff for expert advice.

Q: What are contact lenses?

A: Contact lenses are small, thin, spherical (in most cases) disks of various plastic or silicone related materials that are either moulded, created via spin casting or precision ground. They are designed to fit the exterior surface of the eye in order to correct or improve defective vision.

q: How do contact lenses stay on?

A: Surface attraction, known as capillary action, is created between the natural fluid layer of the cornea and the contact lens itself.

q: Do contact lenses hurt?

A: Contact lenses are as safe, if not safer, than conventional spectacles. Indeed, there are recorded cases in which a contact lens has saved an eye from sustaining more severe damage after being struck by a foreign object. This is due to its action as a protective barrier and the fact that contact lenses cannot shatter.

Q: Are follow up visits necessary with contact lenses?

A: Yes. Follow-up visits are essential and must be kept in order for your contact lens specialist to evaluate your progression. Periodic checkups ensure there are no problems with your contacts.

Q: Why is it important that I be fitted for contacts by a specialist?

A: A specialist is one who devotes his attention exclusively to a particular field of study, in this case the art/science of contact lens fitting. Contact lenses are prosthetic devices and must be expertly fitted; thus, their application demands the care of a professional, not somebody whose main concern is selling glasses and whose contact lens knowledge is superficial at best.

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Great technology

Happy place, friendly service, much better than the last place I went to. They have really good technology that takes pictures of the back of the eye without drops, Dr.Sheikh was really informative and explained things about my retina that I have never knew existed.

Definitely worth the extra money for that. I didn’t have to take time off work to let dilation drop wear off.

Friendly service

Been going to the downtown location for several years.

Always had friendly service and great care taken of me.


When I first went to them as a student they always found me the best deals and discounts and worked with my student insurance easily.

Love them

I have trusted Steve Sanger and previously his father, Rodney, for over 30 years. I do not trust anyone else with my eyes.

He has recently partnered with Dr. Shaker which only makes his service offering even better. I highly recommend anyone that needs contact lenses to consult Steve and Dr. Shaker to ensure that their eyes are healthy and seeing at their maximum potential.



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